Hunter with a bad temper

Look Male / Caucasian / Dark Clothing
Demeanor Volatile
Stats Blood 2 Heart 0 Mind 1 Spirit -1
Factions Mortality 1 Night 2 Power 0 Wild -1

Hunter Moves

  • Slayer
  • Deadly
  • Safe House (food + water, fortified walls/windows/doors, surveillance)


  • Apartment (the safe house)
  • Muscle car
  • Smartphone


  • Blessed silenced pistol (2-harm close +holy)
  • Big high-powered bow (4-harm close/far reload)
  • Hidden bladed chain (2-harm hand area +concealable)



Owed to me

  • Dodonna for helping her to understand her visions
  • Dodonna for knowing too much about me (?)

Vampire hunter. Used to be a bartender and single father in Denver. Starting hunting vampires after the death of his son, Aloysius, at the hands of a mysterious vampire with bright grey eyes and silver hair.

Vampires are weak against holy weapons and garlic.


We were doing alright. Not great, but alright. My weekends are draining but the money’s good. Slinging drinks for college kids and barflies in downtown Denver isn’t what I thought I’d be doing by now.

Then it all changed.

I remember entering her apartment to pick up Aloysius. Next thing I remember is holding his broken little body in my hands, and there’s blood everywhere. Talking to her neighbors later gave me the only lead I have on finding the bastard: he’s got these sickly white features. And he’s a vampire. A real fuck of a revelation.

It’s been two years. I still know what I’m doing and why, but everything else is slipping. Lines are blurring. Every day the things I’m not willing to do seem more negotiable. Working with one of them, for example. Angelus isn’t the best of them, but he’s not the worst of them either. I have to stay cautious with him. Can’t let him use me more than I’m using him.


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